Story Bird: Paco


I have a quaker who almost died hanging from his Happy Hut. The elastic that holds the Happy Hut had become stretched out and Paco somehow squeezed his head in and could not get out. I just happened to be home and noticed him hanging. He wasn't making a sound and it took awhile to get it cut off of him. He was very shook up but survived, thank God. Now, I still use Happy Huts and like them very much.....but before I hang it in the cage I twist the hooks so the elastic has no hole for any part of the bird to get stuck in.

Special Thanks To April Hoefer for the Story

Note: While many, many birds enjoy these Happy Huts, and other huts by other names, these loops can be very dangerous.  Another method for dealing with these hoops is to cut them off, and then thread stainless steel quicklinks through the top of the material to hang it by.  (for more information on doing this, feel free to contact us at