Story Bird: Kaya


Kaya is a 1-1/2 y/o Congo African Grey.  For her cage we had extra food bowls that didn't lock into the holders as the ones supplied with the cage.  She could get them out and she did it often--it was a great game.  The empty dish holder has odd sized openings which we found out the hard way a bird can get stuck in.  Kaya was playing with a toy and flipped over onto her back into the holder.  Her head went out the front, her tail was out the side of the cage bars, and her breast bone got wedged tightly into the space.  She started to panic, and ended up getting herself more stuck.  It took two of us several minutes to work her out of there.  Thankfully we were finishing dinner and sitting right in the dining/bird room.  If we weren't home I don't know what would've happened.  This cage is an Avian Adventures cage (24x36) which has similar dish holders to California and other cages I've seen.  Please keep dishes that fit correctly in the holders!

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