Story Bird: Alex


I had Alex for about 4 weeks, and during that time he has been very distant.  He spends a lot of his time sitting on his perch, not moving much at all, and has had diarrhea increasingly.  Alex had not shown any interest in being touched, but  have kept trying to approach him, only to have him move away from me every time. A day after starting the giardia meds, Alex kissed my hand while I was stroking the back of his neck. He was talking at me all day, and even taught me a couple of phrases in bird (now waitaminit!?). He said lots of his human words, too, but I am not sure what the words were, (too soft, too garbled), it sounded like 'that's enough', and 'toy toy', or 'ToTo' (someone named him, perhaps?) He also said 'Heddo!', and in the same tone 'OH,OH!', or some such, and he was rapping along with some music again.  Yesterday he made a couple querying sounds while I was out at the washer (I taped him wile I was out), then gave a loud screech and showed his
wings when I returned.

I'm very pleased to meet the real Alex at last!

alex.gif (42292 bytes)

Note: Alex's story is just one of many birds are who were suffering from a undiagnosed illness, which many times will affect their behavior.  Please get your birds check FULLY by an avian vet.