Story Bird: Pesca


Our little lovebird, Pesca, was crawling around on the outside of her cage and got her toes and foot trapped between the upper arch of the cage door and the body of the cage.  Her foot had twisted around in such a way that she was stuck, and had she fought, could have broken her foot or leg.  Luckily, we were sitting close by when it happened and were able to pull the door away from the body of the cage to release her foot.  A lot of birds will "slide" down the front of a cage, and with these overlapping "guillotine" style doors with an arched or overlapping top, there is always a section of the door which overlaps the cage body.  To fix this problem we took a slab of leather and wedged it between the door arch and the body of the cage.  This provides an added feature of holding the door down so that it makes it harder for the birds can't open it from the inside.

pesca_flies.jpg (33085 bytes) (click to enlarge)cagedoor.jpg (32335 bytes)

Note: Pesca is very lucky.  Once again a bird is fortunate that their owners were supervising them. These "guillotine" style doors, either as entrance doors or as feeder doors, are popular on several makes of cages and birds can lift them up and get their heads stuck and potentially injured.