Story Bird: Samie


This story comes from my first parrot an African Senegal.  After bringing her home at 7 weeks old, I wanted to make her as comfortable as possible so I put lots of toys, food, water and a beautiful green fluffy towel on the bottom of her cage.  We wouldn't want her walking on those nasty, cold uncomfortable cage grates on the bottom of the cage with those sweet tender little feet.  Feeling that she was happy and safe I left the house for a bit.  When I returned I found her in BAD TROUBLE!!!  I didn't realize birds would pick at the tiniest of holes in a towel till the threads were very much looped and easy to get a foot tangled in them.  Well, Samie had gotten her foot in the middle of one of the loop and couldn't get it free.  She turned around and around to free herself from the threads.  With each turn the thread got tighter and tighter.  By the time I got to her the threads were so tight she was in a panic.  My husband and I work together and freed her.  It took a great deal of time and let me tell you, we both were very bloody and poor Samie was very stressed.  People have since told me if I hadn't gotten home when I did she would have started to bite her foot off.  In the wild they must or they could become a meal!!!!!!!!!  I now use paper towels and newspaper only.