Story Bird: Cages Coming Apart


Just a word of warning if you are using small multi-part cages to transport your bird to and from the house. The bottoms have been known to come off and birds escape.  I know from personal experience.  I lost a new cockatiel breeder I was just bringing in the house from purchasing when the bottom fell off right in the garage and out he flew.  Also, a lady was bringing over a tiel for me to clip it's wings, and the bottom fell off the cage just as we were bringing it into the house.  So, just be sure you don't hold it by the "handle" on the top, but carry it holding the bottom.

Note:  We advise using plastic cable ties to tie the bottom of the cage to the body, and the top of the cage to the body, at least on two sides, so ensure that the cage does not come part during travel.