Story Bird: Philia


I wanted to write and  tell about a little incident I had this morning with Philia's new
Acacia cage by Animal Environments. He always gets very excited when I change out his food and, a lot of times, he tries to jump into the bowl before I get it completely locked in.  Well, this morning he did this and I caught his toe when I latch the food bowl in.  He is fine but his toe is definitely sore.  Probably just a freak thing but if you have the Animal Environment cage with the stainless steel feeder system please be careful.  I feel like such a dope for not paying closer attention.

Note:  In doing our cage research, this is one thing we questioned about the AE cages.  While most things about the AE cages are pretty good, we saw a definite problem with this feeder cup system.  Since this story was posted on our email list, someone else commented that this had happened to them with the very same cage as well.  So please be careful when snapping in the feeder cups on these cages.