Mango is a perfect bird!  I know that is hard to believe, but she is!!!  She is sweet, friendly, talkative, loving, cuddly - perfect!!!  One day her leg band got caught in her cage. Luckily I was home when this happened!!!  I had her stainless steel leg band removed!  Dr. Sam Vaughn is our avian veterinarian, and he said that she was such a good girl!!  He said that most birds would have had to have been anesthetized - it took 3 tries and finally a pair of bone cutters to get this thing off of her!!!!!  She never fussed a bit! 

When her sister Lucia, a green winged macaw, came to live with us, we had her band removed immediately!  When her other sister Clora, a Congo African Grey, was born I asked the breeder to keep a band with her for identification purposes, but NOT to band her!!  Most everyone I know is having leg bands removed for the safety of their beautiful birds!!  (we have 6 dogs as well)

Birdsafe Comments: Mango was indeed lucky. There are many ways in which a leg band can get caught on parts of a cage, toys, etc.  There are plenty of birds out there that weren't as lucky as Mango.  Mango, we're glad you're still with us!!