Story Bird: Burrito


One day I left my son's cockatiel, Burrito, outside in his cage because it was a beautiful day.  I had to run to the store but was not going to be too long.  I got tied up and was longer than I expected.  I got a phone call from my son informing me that the bird had plucked his feathers and was bleeding under his wings.  I rushed home and rushed him to the vet.  They anesthetized him and cleaned the wounds and wrapped him up.  His name was Burrito.  I visited later that day and they informed me that he was doing very well and I could take him home that evening and follow up in two days.  I brought him home and had him in the cage on the floor right by me in the kitchen while I was preparing dinner so I could watch him closely.  I was just commenting on how well he was maneuvering his cage being wrapped up like he was.  What I didn't realize is that he had no balance at all and went to get a drink and fell into his water dish and he drowned.  I ran as fast as I could and tried to give him air I was devastated  My family was devastated and most of all my son was.  I still cant get over this.  How a vet could wrap both wings leaving no chance for any balance at all.  This happened in seconds  I don't think I will ever get this out of my mind It is still so vivid.  I felt like I was living a nightmare. 


 Reading your stories made me sad thinking of the wonderful bird I used to enjoy so much.  I now have a cockatoo Bianca, and she is a wonderful loving companion.  But the way Burrito had to die haunts me to this day.  *If only*  was all I could say :(

Birdsafe Note:  While a vet can treat a bird properly and as they are trained, they may not always know and understand the particular bird or its living environment. We must work as a team with our vet, others with birds, and share information and knowledge.  I know this story was very difficult to share, and I thank you for it.