Story Bird: Fritz



Heads up folks with Happy Huts!!

Did I ever get a bad scare yesterday when I got home.

I thought Fritz was dead!!! she was almost dead or DEAD DEAD!!!

She chewed the bottom of her happy hut open during the day yesterday, and somehow got inside it. She always calls loud when I get home from work, BUT  yesterday,, no noise no movement, no Fritzy standing on her tippy toes giving me that funky wild Nanday REBEL YELL!!!!! (She is a Edith Bunker Clone, identical voice, a dittz too).

I looked at the happy hut and felt her body in it, NO MOVEMENT!!! I freaked!! I cut the hut down with scissors, I couldn't even get the quick links open in my panic!
When the whole thing fell to the bottom of the cage, no movement no bird yelling no nothing!! I was sooo afraid!! I cut open the entire hut with the scissors, she wasn't moving at ALL!! She was entirely inside the guts of the happy hut!!! Her head was jammed up in the corner of the thing.

I got her body out (with this sick thought, happy rigor mortis hadn't set in), thinking the absolute worst,, tears shooting out my eyes, I gave her huge shots of air in her beak from my mouth, she was unconscious, I guess or almost dead!!! , and she just kind of opened her eyes and started up!  Silly girl looked me in the eye, and gives me these huge kisses with kiss sound effects, like absolutely nothing had happened!! Gee I wonder if she was faking it, playing with my head???!!! I doubt she would have been that passed out sleeping to sleep through me roughly
shaking the hut, the moment I discovered her, or cutting it down, falling to the bottom of the cage, or being yanked out of the jammed  up fabric??!!!!

I never even thought to check for a pulse before, I just reacted by blowing on her nares. Went to the vet,, vet checked her out, and said she is ok, perfect she said,,

LOL (new feathers, from huge molt, she is lovely)!

Vet said she was probably almost dead, lucky I got home when I did, vet said blowing in her nose is probably what saved her life.

Noo more happy hut for Fritzy!!! Boy is she upset! She looked and looked for that damn hut in her cage -- NOT!!

I started seriously looking at Blaze and Isabeau's huts. They love to sleep in them too. I took their huts  away, and reorganized their cages also to give them Boda rope perches up high in the corner of both their cages too. I will never ever use happy huts again. Dangerous, not worth the risk to my precious FIDS.

Vicky B, Ottawa, Canada.

BIRDSAFE NOTE: If your bird(s) have not been introduced to any kind of sleeping tent, we recommend that you do not do so.  However, if your bird has had one for a long time and has shown no sign of trouble with it, it is our position that there could possibly be emotional or psychological problems should they be taken away.  Each bird is an individual and we must all judge case by case.