Story Bird: Tango



Tango used to have free use of the top of his cage.  But last year he decided to attack our free roaming ferrets, Tango was lucky........he survived.  The Ferret got ahold of him and was thrashing him back and forth wildly to break his neck.  But Tango went limp with fright, and hubby was quickly upon the scene.  The damage was done already tho. Tango was deep into shock and barely appeared breathing...........A trip to the vet and Tango revived from shock.  He had to be given Baytril incase the ferret had given him toxic shock syndrome and monitored carefully.  He had a huge bruise on the right side of his face, and feathers missing.  He hates ferrets to this day and still tries to attack them.    Tango is no longer allowed to free roam outside of his cage unless he is supervised at all times within the SAME ROOM.  Hubby had only went upstairs for a moment, and thats all it takes to lose a precious friend.  We thank God every day that Tango is still with us.