Story Bird: Nadine




A year ago, Nadine, our maroon-bellied condure died.  She was only nine years old.  She was an unwanted orphan with five previous owners.  They called her "Killer" when she was given to us four years ago.  We changed her name and she changed her attitude.  In time, Nadine became the sweetest little bird to have ever lived.  All she needed was love and attention.  It has taken a long time for me to come to terms with her death.  The grief and sadness I've experienced from the loss of my bird has been overwhelming.  My husband and I loved her very much.  She had truly become a part of our family. 

Nadine's untimely and senseless death could have been prevented.  I feel guilty and I blame myself.  I need to share my story with others and hopefully save someone else from a future heartache.            

I purchased a product called the "Birdy Condo" from a local pet store.  It’s a privacy tent.  I thought it would be great if she could take a “load off” her feet.  Two months went by before Nadine finally got up enough nerve to venture in.  I was thrilled, but not for long.  A few days later, Nadine was dead.

She had been chewing on the flooring of the tent and the shredded material became lodged in her throat.  Her doctor said Nadine probably started choking and then tried to get out of the tent.  She was actually strangled by the unraveling threads.  A product that cost less than $20.00 caused my bird’s death.        
Princess Pet Products is the manufacturer of the "Birdy Condo."  They continue to sell the “Birdy Condo” even though they are aware of the hazards.  NO ONE would buy this product if they knew how detrimental it could be to their bird.  The "Birdy Condo" is dangerous and unsafe!  All bird owners will agree...BIRDS LOVE TO CHEW.  If a bird chews on this product, it could be fatal.  The “Birdy Condo" should be taken off the market.

There are other products being sold that are very similar to the "Birdy Condo."  Please use caution if one is purchased.  I can say without any doubt that the “Birdy Condo” is not a safe product to buy for your feathered friend.  Please help me spread the word