Story Bird:Douglas



Some time ago I purchased some feeding dishes from Petland.  The dishes were designed to look like pieces of fruit - apples, oranges - and came with a round holder with a plastic perch at the front (manufactured to look like natural wood) that curled round at the front of the dish in a sort of letter Q shape.  Anyway, long story short, one day when I was on the phone I glanced over and saw Douglas with his head bent down, struggling frantically.  It turned out that he had been scratching his head on the little nobble at the end of the Q shape part of the perch and his head had slipped down inside the space between the tail of the Q and the rest of it.  I'm not good at explaining this, but just imagine a letter Q with an extended "tail" that turned in at the end.  Anyway, if I had not seen him in time, I think Douglas would have broken his neck struggling to get free from this thing.  All my plastic fruit shaped feeding dishes have gone into the garbage