Story Bird: Scruffy



I had two Zebra Finches who were very healthy little birds.  One day I received a catalog for bird supplies through the mail and I found the cutest seed cups in the catalog that were shaped like fruits and had a base that the "fruit" nested into with a built-in perch.  The perch and base were made to look like a tree branch.  I ordered three of the feeders of different "fruits" and I put them in the cage as soon as they arrived. Everything was fine for about a year,until I went in one morning to feed my finches and discovered one of my birds dangling by its neck from the perch on one of the feeders.  I did not realize that the opening between the end of the perch and the base was wide enough so that a bird could accidently get its neck caught in it.  I was horrified to say the least that I had lost one of my pretty little finches like this.  It may be called a freak accident but I would like to warn people who may have purchased some of these feed cups to find a way to block the opening between the perch and the base of the  feed cup so that this will not happen to one of their precious little friends.