Story Bird: Sunshine



Sunshine's previous owners were an elderly couple who were on a fixed income. They had her in a cage that had the scrolled designs on the doors. One day when they returned home after running some errands, they came home to find that Sunshine had gotten her leg trapped in the scrolls on her cage.
In her panic to free herself, she had chewed off two of her toes and had lost a LOT of blood! They didn't have the money to take her to a vet, so they tried to treat her the best they could at home.

After a week of this they realized that she was going to die if they didn't get medical treatment for her. So they turned her over to a rescue center that would take her to the vet. Unfortunately, by this time infection had started spreading up her leg.. It became necessary to amputate the entire leg in order to save her life.

After her recovery, Sunshine came to live with me. She is now fully healed and is beginning to climb around in her cage a bit. But since she was already approximately two years old when this happened and she can remember having her leg, she has a more difficult time of it than my CAG who lost a foot at one week of age. This was a tragic accident that could have been completely avoided by NOT having the scrolled design on her cage doors!