Story Bird: Cockatiels.



My wife and I came home from the movies one night.  We eventually went into the ďanimalĒ room where we had two large Red-Eared Slider water turtles and four cockatiels.  We looked in the turtle tank and two things were immediately evident:  1)  There were feathers sticking out of the turtlesí mouths and 2) the water in the turtle tank was red.  We looked into the cockatiel cage and noticed that there was indeed one less cockatiel.  We imagined that the cockatiel got out of his cage and somehow landed in the turtle tank.  Everyone can think that turtles are slow animals, but when it comes to eating, they are not slow at all.  The moral of the story is that if you are keeping some type of animals in the same room as your birds (well, just donít DO that!) please be sure that the enclosures of the other animals in the rooms are securely covered to prevent any type of unfortunate confrontations between different species.  By the way, the turtles now have their own room and the cockatiels have their own room!

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